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About - How it works

The State Trustees Will Kit is an Australian legal Will template prepared by State Trustees, the trusted experts who have written over 100,000 Wills. It helps people with straightforward circumstances create a convenient and affordable legal Will.

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If you have more complex or specialised needs this Will Kit may not be the best approach for you. To work out what kind of Will you need, see our FAQs section below.

What you get

Will Planning Guide including simple step-by-step instructions on how to make your Will.

  • Explains the important aspects of a Will, like nominating your Executor and beneficiaries & specifying for your minor children.
  • Comprehensive templates to help you take an inventory of your assets and debts, and Will Notes to help you structure your Will.
  • Sample Will for your reference.

Will template: A legally valid template to make your own Will, pre-populated with some of your details.

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